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Pothole Africa, changing the way road issues are managed across Africa. We keep potholes record in an established systematic fashion. This will enable government agencies to answer relevant questions as regards road issues and evaluate outcomes.


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Browse a catalog of pot holes record on the road you ply everyday or intend to ply. Gain insight about bad road conditions and quickly plan alternative routes.


Take some minutes and contribute to the development of your community. Contribute to the catalog by enumerating potholes and bad road conditions in your city.


Inspire other commuters with the data you contribute, they will appreciate your efforts to document bad roads. Help government develop your city.

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Everyday there is a fast route to work and there is also a no-go area. Potholes are serious road conditions and the deeper a pothole, the more dangerous it becomes. At pothole Africa, road users and road builders (Government agencies) collaborate to achieve a common goal. While the road users are helping each other to map out the dangerous points, they also helps the government to know where needs the most attention.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some questions that might be bothering you.

Can potholes be prevented?

The following steps can be taken to avoid pothole formation in existing pavements:
1. Surveying of pavements for risk factors.
2. Providing adequate drainage structures.
3. Preventative maintenance.
4. Utility cut management.

How can I become a contributor?

Becoming a Pothole Africa contributor is quite simple. First search for "Pothole Africa" on the Google Play Store and install the application on your smartphone. Optionally, you can install "Open Camera" to capture pictures more efficiently. Set your open camera resolution to medium e.g. 640 x 480 for faster uploads. Open the Pothole Africa App, create your user account and start contributing!

How can I report a pothole in my street?

Potholes are dangerous. Due to some reasons, potholes are plenty in several land-forms and the governments efforts are limited to information. You can bridge this gap by downloading our mobile app and take pictures of potholes in your street and upload to the map. This will en able your government to know where to do the next road repairs.

How is pothole repaired or patched?

Pothole patching methods may be either temporary or semi-permanent. Temporary patching is reserved for weather conditions that are not favorable to a more permanent solution and usually uses a cold mix asphalt patching compound placed in an expedient manner to temporarily restore pavement smoothness.

What are the causes of pothole?

Potholes may result from four main causes: 1. Insufficient pavement thickness to support traffic during freeze/thaw periods without localized failures 2. Insufficient drainage 3. Failures at utility trenches and castings (manhole and drain casings) 4. Pavement defects and cracks left unmaintained and unsealed so as to admit moisture and compromise the structural integrity of the pavement.

What is a pothole?

A pothole is a depression in a road surface, usually asphalt pavement, where traffic has removed broken pieces of the pavement. It is usually the result of water in the underlying soil structure and traffic passing over the affected area. -Wikipedia


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